Strata Assist

What is Strata Assist?

Strata Assist is an economic strata management service for small or previously self-managed schemes, in which we share with you the workload of managing your complex. This allows the owners corporations of small buildings to have control of the running of their strata scheme, while Mason and Brophy Strata Management assists with the records and financial aspects of running the building. We provide clear and concise accounts; B-pay and electronic levy payment facilities as well as on-line access to your strata plan’s financial records.

Mason and Brophy Strata Management will do additional work upon request, again offering great service for a cost-effective price. Additional services include work on GST, BAS, and tribunal matters, and can attend and/or arrange additional meetings and consultation on difficult issues.


Owners corporation is responsible for:

  • Holding their own meetings
  • Authorising accounts for payment (apart from utility accounts such as gas and electricity)
  • Overseeing and arranging work required
  • Attending to verbal, written and routine communications
  • Arranging copies of correspondence and minutes to be sent to the agent for strata records


Mason and Brophy Strata Management is responsible for:

Accounting Services

  • Establishing and maintaining the trust account
  • Issuing levy notices
  • Paying invoices for utilities such as water, electricity, etc.
  • Paying invoices approved by the owners corporation for maintenance, etc.
  • Providing statutory reconciled accounts including balance sheet, statement of income and expenditure and levy status report
  • Providing accounts and records for audit, if required
  • Preparing administrative fund budget, and arranging sinking fund forecast, if required
  • Maintaining administrative and sinking fund
  • Arranging, preparing and lodging your tax return


  • Arranging insurance renewal in accordance with statutory requirements
  • Arranging insurance valuation as required
  • Preparing and lodging routine insurance claims (max time per claim 15 mins)


  • Maintaining strata roll and minute book
  • Maintaining correspondence file
  • Recording and retaining notices under sections 118, 119 & 120 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996
  • Maintaining common seal
  • Storing records in accordance with statutory requirements
  • Issuing 109 certificates
  • Maintaining records for strata purchase inspections


  • Preparing and distributing notices of annual general meetings
  • Preparing and distributing minutes of annual general meetings


Additional services

Mason and Brophy Strata Management will do additional work upon request, again offering great service for a cost-effective price. Additional services include tribunal matters, assistance with fire orders, building remediation, etc. These costs, as set out in the management agreement, will be confirmed with your executive committee prior to charges being incurred.


For more information, call 8978 3000, or request a quote on our homepage.